Mango Shaved Ice Cream

After our lunch at Lucky Red down the street, we made our way to Stay Cafeteria for dessert. I was blown away by the setting and decor. You don’t find much effort or thought put into fixtures and furnishings when it comes to Chinese cafes. It’s refreshing to see a restaurant with beautiful design in […]

Pork Belly Bao

Lucky Red caters to the same market as Banh Mi Boys on Queen Street. They also serve an almost identical menu, but Lucky Red uses steamed/baked bao’s instead of baguettes that banh mi’s are served in. While Banh Mi Boys serve mostly Vietnamese and Korean inspired items, Lucky Red serves mainly Chinese items. They are […]

Electric Mud BBQ

We made it just in time before having to wait at the bar or the door for a seat. We found a spot on the patio and shared a picnic table with another party of three, cozy. Good thing Torontonians are pretty friendly at popular and  hip-to-the-bone restaurants because we shared a table with the […]

Cheese Board

The restaurant sits on a street with a few of Toronto’s top advertising agencies. It’s a great location with plenty of parking around. A chalkboard sidewalk sign was the only indication that I was at the right restaurants, it’s still not hard to find though. They have a beautiful patio surrounded by short concrete walls […]

Manitoulin Rainbow Trout [$23]

Quatrefoil is a gorgeous restaurant that sits on Sydenham Street in Dundas within a friendly neighbourhood. From their service to their tableware, I could immediately tell that they pay attention to the details. The atmosphere was elegant with an expensive yet fresh taste in decor, which was also reflected in the food. The weather was cooperating that Saturday afternoon, so the […]

Spaghetti Di Mare

Located in the popular neighbourhood of Queen West, Destingo is an easy-to-spot restaurant. Their patio is as big as their indoor dining room, perfect for summer lunches and dinners. Decor is a combination of authentic, rustic and modern pieces. The kitchen is tucked away behind a wall, but it’s still open to half of the […]

Complimentary Salad and Miso Soup

I took my grandparents and parents here for a celebration dinner. The environment and atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The decor wasn’t cheesy, it was sophisticated, simple and beautiful. The waiters are all polite and observant. Onto the food! 9021 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill  | Facebook  |  Twitter  |   Website  |  Menu  |  Map We […]


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